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About Adriatic Hospitality

Entrepreneurial Spirit

To bring the knowledge and skills of the Big Branded hotels to Independent Boutique and resorts in the area of Brand and Product Marketing, Direct Distribution and Sales, Revenue Management, latest technology applications and Guest-centric experiences.

  • To assist hospitality owners and hotels operators to achieve and exceed their individual revenue goals and objectives.
  • To level the playing field for hotels without the benefit and opportunities of a big marketing budget and access to specialized advanced marketing tools and strategies.
  • To advance the knowledge, skills and educational tools, which will allow our client hotels to truly, compete without the advantage of having an in-house marketing team.


Adriatic Hospitality is a boutique hospitality consulltancy company, located in Serbia, and focusing its activities in South East Europe. We provide personalized hospitality consulting services, tailored to the individual requirements of each single independent property up to mid-sized hotel groups.

Jerome Lautier, as Principal of Adriatic Hospitality, and his hospitality expert partners bring over 30 years experience in the field of hospitality business development, sales, marketing and revenue management at the very senior executive level.

Jerome and his associates have a fresh view of the industry, a deep knowledge of the South East Europe regional markets and skill set as they have overseen both the revenue management process and teams in addition to the entire sales and marketing process and teams of hotels both large and small.

The Team applies his years of Big Brand hospitality experience to help independent and boutique hotels succeed.He contributed to the improvement of the Customer experience and standard operating procedures of numerous hotels and resorts.

Allow us to customize the right solution for you.


The market demands attention and we, as businesses must tend to their every desire. Everything Adriatic Hospitality provides, from our service scope to our core objectives, is market-led so that the results make You and Your customers happy.

There is always something you and your team can do to improve your people, profit and social engagement. Striving for « good growth » and not just for economic growth is vital to sustain a solid long-term business.

Every time a Customer interacts with your brand ( like visiting your website or walking past your entrance door) is known as a « Touchpoint ». No one touchpoint works in isolation, it is the sum of them all that will influence a customers’buying decision, so everything must be « in Brand ».

Is to create a seamless brand experience for your customers so we consider how all of your brand’s touchpoints work together for maximum effect. From a Customer pre-purchase experience, like visiting your website, the moment they walk through your door, their purchase process, and how they interact with your brand after they have left. First impressions last, last impressions remain !

Consistency is key

If every touchpoint says something about your brand, then every single one of them needs to look and feel the same and speak with the same voice.

It is what we call 'integration' and basically works towards maximising the impact of your brand. And because we handle everything under one roof, you are guaranteed consistency.

Smart and best practices

Because we live and breathe solutions for hospitality, over the past 30 years, we apply the smartest and best practices.

It is all about the dos’ and don’ts’ for building sustainable business, hotel operations best practices, Brand marketing for hospitality, web technology and digital marketing, matching the idusty trends and customers insights, plus the Tools required to attract more of your target audiences.

Associate Consultants

We like to think of our associate consultants as an extension of our big family. We know them better then most and work regularly with them on high caliber projects across the south east of Europe.

Each of them are specialists in their field and we are proud to cooperate with them as an addition to our team. Depending on the job required, we work with a select few to ensure our clients always receive our full commitment.


Acquire, engage and retain your best guests. Grow Direct website traffic


With an ongoing plan and sophisticated benchmarking tools, we keep your property’s strategy up to date on the over 500 algorithm updates per year.


As the largest travel website with 340 million unique visitors, TripAdvisor Meta Search can drive direct bookings at a low cost of sale.


Living in a multi-device world means people are connected to their email at all times. Email marketing is a low cost, effective digital marketing initiative which generates average returns of 800 – 1,200%


Content marketing is also an effective way to boost a brand’s SEO efforts as fresh, high-quality content will generate social shares and inbound links, significantly improving search engine rankings.


Hotels can set themselves apart from the competition with a well-branded social media presence. Not only will this build brand awareness, but it will assist in acquiring and engaging potential guests.


Drives bookings and revenue in times of low occupancy, group cancelations, around a major holiday or a new product launch.


It is time to get personal

In order to maintain customers and customer engagement, it’s important to curate a personal customer relationship management strategy. Improve the guest experience from the moment the booking is made by targeting your best customers with personalized and relevant offers.


In order to maintain customers and customer engagement, it’s important to curate a personal customer relationship management strategy. Improve the guest experience from the moment the booking is made by targeting your best customers with personalized and relevant offers.

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